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Private Wealth & Alternative Investment Coaching to Build Multigenerational Wealth

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What Are Alternative Investments?

Tell the Truth….

When you think about investing you think of stocks, right?

What about real estate?

What about owning cash-flow businesses? What about angel investing?

Cryptocurrency? What about investing in musicals? Concerts? Art? Gold? Retreats?

All of the above investments are considered alternative investments and if you’ve been playing it safe and only investing in stocks or bonds or mutual funds then you’re leaving A LOT on the table.


You may not reach your goals and you might outlive your money.

This is the reason you should invest beyond the stock market if you’re an accredited investor.

What is An Accredited Investor?

An accredited Invester is anyone that....

Makes at least $200k+ a year ($300k if married) or

Has a net worth of $1MM+

But being an accredited investor is just the first step of creating real multigenerational wealth.

You have to think outside the box. You have to go beyond the stock market.


Mina Ennin Black,
Angel Investor, Wealth Strategist

I was a Financial Advisor for 16 years and I too believed that to build wealth and reach my life goals, all I had to do was go to school. Get a good job. Enroll in my company’s 401(k). Retire at 65.

While that sounded great. The more I worked with ultra wealthy clients, I realized that 99% didn’t follow that path AT ALL.

In fact, their approach to wealth creation was vastly different from everything I had been taught.

The stock market was a small part of their investment strategy.

They used every tool at their disposal and did not limit themselves to “conventional” investments.

And you shouldn’t either.
It’s time to think differently about wealth.

You’ve worked hard for your money. It’s time to let your money work hard for you.

Our 12-week / 12-month Layered Wealth™ Process

1-on-1 Weekly Coaching & Education

We work with you over 12 weeks or 12 months
to build a portfolio you can be proud of.


  • Have a fully diversified portfolio consisting of alternative investments such as real estate, angel investments, cryptocurrency and other alternative investments
  • Know the exact steps you should take to implement the strategies we use ourselves
  • Customized comprehensive report of investments opportunities that includes real estate, cryptocurrency, stocks and other investments (all tailored to your risk tolerance) based on extensive analysis of your current financial picture.
  • Have access to our vast network of sponsors, partners and deal flow you can use to increase your net worth

Consulting & Coaching starts at $3k for the 12-week program

What Our Clients Say

I thought I knew a lot about money. Before I met you, I didn’t even realize there was a whole other chessboard I could be playing on.
– S.O.
Working with Mina has helped me by renewing my mindset about my own business and finances. I had a very limited perspective on both. Now, I look at the bigger picture and I’m setting goals to help me move towards my ultimate vision.
Mina gave me great insight about wealth and the necessary steps to achieve it. I approached Mina because she has a passion to help people achieve their financial goals in a realistic time frame. One thing I like about Mina is that she is patient and I looked forward to every session with her.
– I.P.