Generate Income with a Crypto Savings Account
Don’t be scared of bears & earn with crypto.
If you’re like the many people that fled the crypto markets this week. I get it but know that we’ve been here before so do not let the downturn turn you away from this space. This week, I spent a few minutes sharing how you can generate income by setting up a crypto savings account. Take a listen.
You asked for it. We listened!
This week we launched a project the ITB team has been working on for the past few months. If you’ve been part of the ITB family for a while, you know how passionate I am about teaching. Specifically, teaching people about building wealth.

The launch of the ITB Shop is the result of years of experience (16+ years) and learnings that I have shared over the years with clients.

Phase 1 of the shop includes 6 ways to build your wealth.

1. The Get-It-Done Masterclass: A 5-day course that shows you how to get more done in 5 days than a whole year. This class covers everything from setting up your IRA or Roth IRA to organizing not just your finances but organizing your life.

2. The Crypto-Curios Course: Curious about crypto, blockchain, web3 and what it all means? This intro class is your guide to this incredible space and why it’s not just a passing trend.

3. Protect Your Wealth- The ITB Trademark Masterclass: If you’ve been putting off paying an attorney to trademark your company name, logo and everything in between, this course walks you the steps to submit your trademark application.

4. Transitions: Your Life Event Checklist: Life happens whether we’re ready or not. This free checklist is your go-to to help you stay on track for major life events.

5. Create Your Investment Roadmap: Did you panic this week when the markets fell? Did you sell your investments? If you had an investment policy statement, you would not be subject to the whims of the market. Creating an investment policy is your roadmap for staying true to your investment values.

6. Your F.A.I.L.Proof Business Guide: Have you always wanted to start a business but have put off getting your tax id, forming an LLC or getting a DUNS number? This guide walks you through things you should think about when setting up a business PLUS we walk through how to get a tax id, form an LLC and get a DUNS number.

All of this can be found in The ITB Shop. My team and I worked incredibly hard on it and hope you will find it useful on your wealth journey. Check it out below.


Need cash flow ideas? Watch the video and join the challenge!