As Americans get ready to celebrate Memorial Day and remember those that gave their lives for their country, I am reminded of all that we’ve been through over the past month and over the past couple of years.


There’s an endless stream of bad news from mass shootings to wars to deadly diseases every way you turn.


It can be very hard to focus on what matters to you. It can be hard to focus at all.


It can be difficult to push through all of the noise and put one foot ahead of the other.


Especially, if things aren’t going the way you hoped.


Perhaps your job is not going well.


Or your personal relationships are suffering.


Or your finances aren’t where you’d like them to be.


Maybe you started a new business and it’s not going the way you’d hope.


I want to share with you something that I often share with clients, friends, family, and even myself.




Give yourself the grace to take time out for yourself. Give yourself the grace to focus on what matters to you. Give yourself grace to make mistakes. Give yourself the grace to learn from your mistakes.



I don’t know what giving yourself grace looks like for you. Perhaps, it means taking a few minutes to meditate every morning or evening. Perhaps it’s coming to terms with the current state of a personal relationship. Perhaps, it’s taking a social media break or a news break.


Whatever it is, do it for you.


Hope you have a great Memorial Day, filled with food, friends, and family.


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