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Our trip to Ghana and why I do what I do

This week, we’re taking a break from our alternative investment education series.  I want to share a conversation with a business coach about a trip we recently took to Ghana.


I recently talked with a business coach about my private investment community.


We discussed the members’ profiles and what would entice them to join the community.


She indicated that I needed to highlight the benefits of investing, perhaps highlighting and showing more images and pictures from my life.


I mentioned that I was planning a trip to Ghana with my family. She responded that I should make sure that I take lots of “lifestyle pictures.”


Me being me, I asked, “what the heck are lifestyle pictures?”


She responded, “you know pictures showing you lounging and such… the expensive life. Glamorous”


We both laughed because that sounded so not me, mainly because I usually prefer taking pictures of the family and our surroundings.


I promised her that I would give it a shot.


Of course, I failed miserably.


The pictures I managed to take were the opposite of glamorous.


While in Ghana, we visited the remote village I grew up in.


I took pictures of the house and the surrounding areas, and as I walked around the house, I realized not much had changed in the 35 years since my departure.


There is a lot of infrastructure work to be done, one of the main reasons for my visit.


When we returned home, I compared the pictures of the village with a couple of the photos I took on our way to Ghana.


While on our trip, our oldest, Willow, turned eight. The same age I was when I came to the U.S.


Her trip to Ghana in First Class was very different from my 24-hour trip 35 years before.


So while I failed at taking the “glamorous” pics, I think the juxtaposition between how I travelled from Ghana and how our family of 5 travelled to Ghana, First Class, says it all.


I hope it shows what happens when you think outside the box and invest differently.


I hope that more people (especially women) will band together and use the power of many to invest in unique opportunities.