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Reading a book about money doesn’t matter if you don’t take action.

Spend any amount of time with me, and the one thing guaranteed to happen is I recommend a book or three. Usually, the recommendation is to help address whatever challenge, problem, or concern you’re currently working on.


Whether a book about cryptocurrency, time management, or building a successful seven-figure e-commerce business. The topic doesn’t matter; I’m sure there’s a book to help you reach your next level.


I read so much that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to track my progress and, most importantly, remember critical tips to share with clients, friends, and family.


In the past, I admittedly read for the sake of reading. I’d read a book about a particular topic, become inspired to take action, and then life happened. I move on to the next thing and, eventually, the next book.


Recently, I’ve evaluated what I read and what I get out of the books. Specifically, are the books I’m reading helping to move the needle, or have I fallen victim to the “I read 20 books a week” hype that seems to be all the rage.


I came across a post by Alex Hormozi, who runs a private equity firm. He shared his thoughts on the “I read x number of books every week” culture in the post.


To summarize his thoughts, it doesn’t matter how many books you read a week or a year if you’re in the same position as last year.


Read that again.


That is something I was guilty of for a long time, especially when I was in my 20s. I would read a book, sometimes not even finish the book, make grand plans about all the things I was going to do, and a day would go by, nothing. Then a week. Nothing. Then a month and eventually a year would pass, and I would be in the same situation as the previous year.


If you’ve been reading for the sake of reading and making grand plans about everything you’re going to do. I have a challenge for you.



Step 1: Read.

Step 3: Stop.

Step 2: Take action


That’s it.


Read, stop and take action. If you’re currently reading a book, stop and think about what you read and, more importantly, act on what you read.


Maybe you’re reading a book about investing in cryptocurrency. Stop right where you are and implement some strategies you’ve learned.


It’s that simple.


So many of us will read, get inspired, do nothing and then move on to another inspirational book. Then we wonder why our life today looks like it did one year ago.


Take the challenge. Read the book. Stop. Take action, and I promise you, you’ll thank yourself later.