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Meet the Head of the xChange
Mina Ennin Black, Financial & Business Advisor. Angel Investor.
Both of the pictures on the left are of me.
The top one is me today, and the bottom one is of me when I was five years old.
Five-year-old me lived in a small village in Ghana, West Africa, with my grandmother and extended relatives.
Five-year-old me could never have dreamed of the life I lead today.
Because as a child in Ghana, wealth and the life it could provide my family and me was not part of my vocabulary.
To be put bluntly, it wasn’t even in the realm of what was possible.
It was a life that was never going to happen.
It seemed very different from my everyday life of putting food on top of my head and heading down to the marketplace to make sales. Yes, even as a child!
Little did I know what was possible.
Over the next couple of decades, I moved to America and taught myself about the investing world.
At a young age, I also bought my first house, became a trained and licensed Financial Advisor to very wealthy people, and discovered their world of Untapped Wealth™.
I used that knowledge to start multiple businesses and become an angel investor.
If only 5-year-old me knew what was possible.
Now, I want to help you see what’s possible and help you uncover your Untapped Wealth™.