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Get In The Black with Financial Advisor and Angel Investor Mina Ennin Black

Mina Ennin Black wants to live in a world where people understand their money, are interested in finding ways to grow it and are unabashedly committed to giving it away to friends, loved one’s and complete strangers. She spent most of her career as an advisor working at one of the world’s largest wealth management firms. As a personal finance expert, she’s been featured in Ebony magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Bankrate, NY Times, GoGirl Finance and other publications.

Dr. Mindie Kniss: Lucrative Society

In this episode, she shares her story of growing up in a tiny village in Ghana, West Africa, to becoming a successful industry leader. Her vision of holistic financial wellness ties in perfectly with ours here at Lucra®, where wealth = well-being.

Get Your Guy Coaching

In my interview with Mina, we discuss her personal journey to money management, when to bring up finances in your relationship, how to build your own financial freedom and wealth, how Mina Got Her Guy ( Husband), and SO MUCH MORE!