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5 easy ways to invest for the life you want

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5 Stories We Tell Ourselves About Why We Can't Invest

We'll walk through how the stories we tell ourselves really affect us and how you can start investing and make better investment decisions today!

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In This Free Webinar You Will Learn

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us From Investing

and why they cause us long-term damage and make financial freedom so hard to attain. 

How to Make the Stories Work For You

The steps you can take to make the stories work for you so investing can be come your new reality. 

How to Start with Investing

What steps you can take TODAY to not only start investing but how to make investment selections. 

Hi there, I'm Mina


As a trained Financial Advisor, I’ve heard countless stories about why investing is just not possible or why it’s not for most people. I understand. I use to tell myself the same stories. It wasn’t until I understood how the stories truly impacted my life that I was able to turn things around.  

Over my nearly 2 decade career, I’ve worked with hundreds of people and have heard all kinds of stories, some of the same stories I use to tell myself b

Look, I get it. Investing can be scary. In fact, I bet there’s a story running through your head right now. 

Join me in this FREE webinar as I walk through some of the most common stories, including the #1 story we tell ourselves and how to use the stories to our advantage to start investing and make better investment decisions today.