What is a F.A.I.L.
Proof Business?

A F.A.I.LProof business is one built on a strong foundation.

Starting and scaling a business can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t take the time to cover your bases.

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The F.A.I.L.Proof Business Accelerator is an online 6-week training designed for business owners and soon-to-be business owners that understand that in order to have a profitable business all of the details such as the financial, the accounting, the insurance, the legal need to be properly set.

Your F.A.I.L.Proof
Business Accelerator

This is for you if…

You’ve always wanted to
start your own business

You’re not sure if you set
your business up properly

You’re ready
for the next thing

Is Your Business F.A.I.L.Proof?

Hi there, I’m Mina

As a trained Financial Advisor, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners, new and established, to help them create a business built on a firm foundation. One constant is that to have a profitable sustainable business you need to ensure you set it up properly.

Join me in this 6-week class as we walk through not only how to set up your business properly but do it in a way that makes running your business enjoyable.

Let’s get started.

I’m Ready. Let’s Go!

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